Photo:  Kaboompics

Photo: Kaboompics


Please contact Megan McKibbin for this service: 360-921-3546 or email

Our consultation-only or editing and redesign services are a perfect fit if you plan to continue living in your home, and you prefer to use the furniture and accessories that you already have when your home goes on the market.

Consultation only
If you need just a bit of guidance to prepare your home for the market, we recommend that you take advantage of our consultation-only service. As part of this service, we can advise you on the following:

  • Paint color

  • Upholstery selection

  • Lighting and hardware

  • Recommended service providers (for example, painters and handymen)

After an initial consultation, we will send you a detailed email with room-to-room recommendations.

Editing and redesign
If you need more than just guidance to prepare your home for the market, we will edit your spaces using your own furniture and accessories.