Photo:  Kaboompics

Photo: Kaboompics


We start with a blank palette to create beautiful spaces that help potential buyers engage and connect emotionally with your home. We can provide full or partial staging services, depending on the size and layout of the home and your needs and budget. 

After you determine the level of staging that you need, here's how we'll work with you.

1. We conduct an initial visit to evaluate the spaces in your home and determine the level of staging needed.

2. We provide you with a bid and recommendations.

3. After your home is cleaned and ready for staging, we will move our furniture in and complete the installation. 

4. At your or your agent's request, we will remove the staging. To facilitate proper scheduling, we need a minimum of one week's notice to do so.

Please note that staging requires you to move out of your home. If you are unable to vacate your home but need guidance to help prepare your home for market, we also provide design services. Our design services include consultation only and editing and redesign.

* Staging fees are based on the amount of inventory needed, not the square footage of the home.